Hosted Exchange

Professional Email Management for Your Business

CloudFlex Managed Email service is a cloud-based email solution that a company can use to manage its email communications. This solution is provided using Microsoft Exchange server and allows users to access up-to-date and secure email services without requiring any hardware investments.

Antispam & Antivirus Protection

CloudFlex Managed Email service includes various features that companies may need for email communication. These features include the synchronization of various data such as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. Additionally, various security features like spam filtering, virus protection, and data backup are also provided.

Manage Your Business from All Your Devices

With CloudFlex Managed Email service, users can access email services through various devices. Users can access their emails via desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows companies to enable their employees to check their emails on any device at any time.

CloudFlex Managed Email service also allows users to customize their email service. Users can customize email signatures, default folders, and other preferences. Additionally, companies can use customized email templates with a design that aligns with their brand identity.

What Are the Features of CloudFlex Exchange Mail?

Host Your Data in Turkey

Your data is stored in compliance with the law on high-performance servers in two different geographies in CloudFlex data centers in Turkey. You don't have to deal with the legal processes of data storage.

Don't Spend Your Budget on Infrastructure

Instead of allocating your company's budget to infrastructure and IT expenses, use it to grow your business and increase profitability. CloudFlex has taken care of all the infrastructure required for corporate email management.

Free Your IT Team from Unnecessary Workloads

Free your company's IT team from unnecessary infrastructure management and device maintenance tasks. Work with your IT team to grow your business and focus on new projects.

Pay As You Go

With CloudFlex Hosted Exchange service, you can create as many email accounts as you need. You can increase or decrease the number of email users as desired.

High Efficiency and Safety

The physical and system security of our data centers in Turkey is ensured with high-security measures. Our servers operate 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service and prevent email loss.

What Are the Features of CloudFlex Exchange Mail?

The Best

Experience the Convenience of Exchange Mail with Turkey's Best Managed Cloud Service Provider, CloudFlex.

100% Synchronization

You can access your email accounts from all your devices using the ActiveSync feature.

Mobile Compatibility

With a mobile-friendly interface, you can easily manage your accounts on mobile devices.

Data Center in Turkey

Your data is stored in compliance with the law in CloudFlex data centers located in Istanbul and Ankara.

Unlimited Email

You can create as many emails as you want with Exchange Mail service.

Antivirus & Antispam

Protect your emails from harmful emails with antivirus and antispam protection.

Calendar and Address Book

Manage your business easily with shared calendars and address books with your teams.

100% Turkish Panel

Manage your email accounts with a 100% Turkish and easy-to-use control panel.

Corporate Signature

You can add your company's corporate signature to your emails, making you look more professional to your customers.
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